Chromagraphics Photography: Blog en-us (C) Chromagraphics Photography [email protected] (Chromagraphics Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:57:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:57:00 GMT Chromagraphics Photography: Blog 79 120 Roller Derby - what is it all about? Like the heading says, what is roller derby all about? I guess for many it is and can be different things, but from me, as an outsider, it's more than just a sport. I've seen and photographed many different sports, but for me roller derby certainly IS different. While there is fierce competition on the track, there is an air of respect of the opponent even celebration when someone from other side has done something amazing, might even be something as simple as completing a jam, now THAT is something you wouldn't expect while a sport is taking place. Even after the game there is such a celebration, it's as if two teams become one.

Anyway, here is a couple of shots from the weekends event I just covered. The first game was Geelong's Virgin Marys, as the name would imply, these are those who are fairly new to the sport, having progressed from the rigors and testing while being "Fresh Meat" (You just got to LOVE that term) As there weren't enough to fill the roster, some were co-opted to help out (and that's another thing that's great, people filling in sides if a team has issues).

spills & thrills


Despite the no punching or kicking that you might see in other contacts sports, this one relies on blocking and while that might sound innocuous, there's plenty of bruises among other things to say that it's not that gentle of a sport.

"catch me if you can"


Besides the bumps, at times speed is a weapon, being it scoring points as a jammer, but those high speed collisions can be dangerous. If you've not caught a game, make it an aim to do so, am sure you won't be disappointed.

Now from a photographer's point of view when it comes to capturing the sport. First up, it's a fast game and for that you need to be shooting at decent shutter speeds, otherwise panning can be your friend (although you wouldn't want to be doing that with every shot). As it isn't a major sport, some venues can range from so-so lighting to "has anyone got a torch?" High ISO is a must and shooting wide open, f/2.8, to give you a chance. Since I began I have gone from the Canon 40D (ISO1600 max.... how did I ever do it?) through to a 7D, a bit better but still a struggle, through to current 1D mkIV, which, I've had to shoot an entire bout at 12,800 ISO, not too shabby for the internet but no good if anyone wanted a print. There is the option of off camera speedlights, which nowadays is fairly common. I was loathed to do it because I didn't want to "upset" the skaters, but it seems they are not even aware. For those interested, the two above shots were ISO5000, f/2.8 1/250sec.

I'll return with some more blog posts on roller derby in the near future, and not long to go before the local gridiron commences (Mens) so maybe I'll have something to share.

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Now where was I? Hard to believe it's been a year since my last blog post. To be honest I'm not a prolific 'blogger' but I will endeavour to be so from now on. Now where was I? Oh that's right, the last post was a cake smash, so it's only fitting that we return to the same topic and same child to kick this thing off. One thing that does strike me about a 'cake smash' (pardon the pun) we are actively asking a child to do something that we not normally encourage, no wonder kids get confused at times.

Photo by : John Conway

Caught in a thoughtful moment?


Photo by : John Conway

alway nice when you get them looking down the barrel


That's it for now, until next blog post that is. Come the weekend I have some sports photography to do, I'll share them here with my thoughts.



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Smash That Cake! Well, that was a first, having a 1-year-old smash a cake, well attempt to, that icing can be a bit hard to break through.

I suppose in these types of shoots, giving directions can be pointless it's more a case of be ready for the shot, if it happens. You do happen upon those looks of, "Can I really do this, am I allowed"

Of course there are times when it's just a matter of time before they run their cake laden fingers through their hair (that's the part where the parents get to enjoy cleaning up.

All in all, it was learning experience and the best part it was fun too, something we tend to forget what photography can all be about.

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Powerhouse Well, we headed down with full intentions of including the backdrop of the many pieces art on display, but somehow, nothing really eventuated. No harm done though as we shot a few images to keep us happy, the "event" was cut short to 90 minutes (which included unpacking, packing, looking for ideas etc, so end result was a low shot ratio.

© John Conway / Chromagraphics 2015

Some of the nooks work well for tightness and experimenting with the lights, above, one light, green/blue gel for some rim lighting.


© John Conway / Chromagraphics 2015

Same as above, only added front left, softbox


© John Conway / Chromagraphics 2015

"Found" a old metal cart, you see a bit of the rust behind.

Two lights used, front left, Softbox, on right (gelled) bare speedlight.



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"Art" and the model Hopefully an upcoming arrangement to capture 'model' and location of the new "Art" to Geelong at the Powerhouse comes to fruition. There is a huge amount of talent on display at this location, and all credit to the owner for providing that platform, and not resort to "just pull it down and let it fester away for years to come".

One of the images on display has really caught my eye (and am sure a few others too) it's a piece by Matt Adnate. I hope to incorporate some imagery that will do it justice, fingers crossed.

Below is the image in question (my photo, but not my work)

(by Matt Adnate)

Come back next week to see how things went.

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Abbotsford Convent A visit to the Abbottsford Convent is a MUST for any photographer wanting a location to shoot your model in. So many different pieces of architecture to utilise is huge bonus. The light that 'gathers' there is also great for those natural light shots, or mixing with strobes if that is your thing.

Three togs and two models, plus a "warehouse" full of gear crammed into one car and we headed off to the "Convent"

Surprisingly when we got there it was very quiet with not much people traffic so we really had free reign of the grounds.

We used the courtyard first up, cool, cloudy conditions, nice for natural light.

Later on in the day, in one of numerous gateways and doors another natural light shot.

Next post, some internal shots with Off Camera Flash (OCF)


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Workshop with Matthew Wren ~ Part Two An excellent day spent at the workshop with Matthew Wren, who went through some basics and a few problem solving ideas with lighting. The small "class" of 9 worked well, with two models on hand and MUA there were enough opportunities to gather some photos for the portfolio.

Not only did we get to shoot, and work our way through solving lighting scenarios, Matthew though it would good at times throwing us in the deep end, such as, engaging the model. I think by the end of that session, people were more aware of what is required when shooting people, not just a "point, click and done"

Anyway, here are a couple of samples from the day. Thanks to models Nav and Ashlea and also to the MUA, Tess.

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Workshop with Matthew Wren Upcoming workshop with Portrait Photographer Matthew Wren in July.

I'll publish a few images from the day and a few thoughts on how it all transpired, stay tuned.

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